May. 14th, 2006

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Harth's thinking.

He does it a lot - always has, since he was old enough to remember, and particularly since he was old enough to recognise his dreams for what they were. Memories. Not his, o'course. Never his. Occasionally when he's feeling particularly candid, he admits to himself that maybe he's always been bitter. The memory of knowing that power, that heritage, that importance - one girl to stand alone - but also knowing that it isn't his. Even when he was just a human child, he knew it wasn't his, somehow. It was Melaka's. His sister, the Slayer was the rightful owner of those memories and the dreams.

Sibling rivalry, just in a slightly different way.

He wanted to be like those girls, once. He wanted to be strong, he wanted to be special, but when the fits of childish jealousy passed, it was alright. After all, weren't he and Mel just two halves of one person? Right. He was so proud of his strong sister, the way she took care of him while he dreamed and drifted, didn't mind when she laughed at him, because it was another part of herself and it's good to laugh at yourself once in a while, yeah?

Strength and power and agility, that was his Mel.

And now... now...

She's still his Mel. His, and he loves her still. So much it hurts, at times, and this? This would be one of 'em. If it was the Slayer he loved, the other half of him, why does he still watch and smile to think of her now she's just...? Well. She'll never be ordinary, not in his eyes. Why, though - that's the weird thing.

Logically, it don't make much sense. That part of him's meant to be dead.


Eh, whatever. Screw logic.

(Love you, Mel)


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